Running a emulated SparcStation 20 with qemu-sparc

  • first, install the qemu-sparc tooling, e.g. on Debian
    • apt install qemu-system-sparc
  • we need to create the "disk" with the qemu tooling, so for a 9G disk run:
    • qemu-img create -f qcow2 ss20.image 9G
  • we need a OS install media to boot from, say NetBSD, so download it and save it:
    • wget
  • we pick a MAC address for the NIC (here: 01:23:45:67:89:01), a memory size (512M) and a port for the VNC console (here: 42)
  • finally, start up our simulated SparcStation20:
    • qemu-system-sparc -M SS-20 -m 512 -drive file=ss20.image,bus=0,unit=0,media=disk -drive file=NetBSD-9.3-sparc.iso,bus=0,unit=2,media=cdrom,readonly=on -full-screen -vnc 0:0:0:0:42 -boot d -net tap -net nic,macaddr=02:23:45:67:89:01
  • the emulator will now start and should boot from CDROM, once we have the OS installed, the firmware will by default boot from disk
  • we can also add the -daemonize option to the qemu commandline above to have the task background and not hog the console
  • example console screenshot (note the original Sun style console font):

Last modified 2023-09-17 by Alexander Schreiber